Joy and Rose 

Joy to the Word


Rose's Vision

A snacks centre for women in the town. I used to travel many places in India and did not find a hotel /snacks centre for women where ladies can come and have tea /snacks and fellowship. I used to pray that some one could start snacks centre /restaurant for women . Now I felt that WHY DO NOT I START A SNACKS CENTRE FOR LADIES. I shared with my husband JOY about it and he told me that he also used to think the same way to start a snacks centre for women . He said that he and his family used to run the tea shop many years back and how it connected to people and those people who used to come to their shop still remembering them and talking to them. He is so excited to help me with my passion for opening a tea shop/snacks centre . In India everyone likes Chai /tea at any time . So I believe that it would be successful. We are trusting God and praying for our desires to fulfill . I feel that it is a part of community development project and where women can have fellowship. Of course men also can come. This can be an opportunity that ladies can come to know the love of God and also getting job opportunity. The staff will be mainly ladies . Minimum 4 ladies staff in a tea shop/snacks centre . This can be an income for our personal as well as supporting 5 preschool children. First I want to start in lonavala near one of our preschool (near market area) in 2016. I know it is not easy to start but IAM TAKING A STEP OF FAITH THAT GOD WILL HELP ME AND PROVIDE ME FINANCE. I am happy to share with you for your prayers . Here is the EXPECTED budget . One time investment /fixed expenditure . The deposit for the shop 1 lakh  The rent. Buying cooking stove (new gas connection )  Furniture (table and chairs )  Cooking pots. Food items. Painting the shop. The electricity bill and staff salary form daily income and I can manage it . Emergency fund .The Total Expenditure . In Rupees around 300000$6000 .Please pray about it and if God speaks to you to be part of my vision, please contact us . I appreciate your prayers and partnership with me, my small beginning.

God bless you!